Cosmecoin, develop by iConsult, is a blockchain-powered, comprehensive solution for issues within the Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetic industries.

Reimagining Medical Aesthetics With Cosmecoin

Leveraging blockchain technology to create first of its kind marketplace for cosmetic surgery practitioners and patients.

The Prospective Client

They know that by using Cosmecoin they will connect with a Trusted Partner offering the best customer service and care.

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The Patient

Patients benefit from safe storage and easy access to their medical data including treatment history.

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The Practitioner

The practitioner will benefit from the ClinicOS software, new patients, reliable client feedback, secure storage of client medical data and the Cosmecoin reward scheme.

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The Investor

Knows that we can provide a
meaningful solution
to a significant

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The Cosmecoin Blog Connects

Connects consumers with Trusted
Exclusive engaging online
Connects your data
mobile app
Informative and educational news feed

ClinicOS Records

Tools for analysis and business growth
Transparent process creates accountability
Award winning software 2016
Practitioner qualifications and memberships

Blockchain Protects

Creating an immutable and action based feedback system
Decentralised data storage backed by smart
Secure storage of images medical data and treatment history
Award winning software 2016

Cosmecoin Rewards

  • The first altcoin created for Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Beauty
  • Creating a trusted Global Cosmetic Currency
  • Rewards high quality service, client feedback and best practice
  • Proven business case in fast growing industry


Fiat enters ecosystem
via credit card
payment (or other).
Fiat converted to
COSX tokens.
COSX tokens paid to practitioners/suppliers.
Fiat goes into practitioners bank.
iConsult manages all transactions
(with a small handling fee).
Practitioners can choose to: Keep COSX tokens (can use them to pay for the platform fee or clinic resources) or convert COSX tokens back to fiat.


Richard Crawford Small
Founder and CEO
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Rob Westmacott
Non Exec Director & Technology Advisor
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Chris Barber
Chief Tech Officer
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Russell Turner
Creative Director
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Lia Burnell
Community & Marketing Manager
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Vladimir Chernyshev
Sr. Fullstack Developer
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Gang Zhu
Blockchain Developer
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Pat Maugeri
General Manager ClinicOS Aus
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Mark Nicholson
Financial Director
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Shivam Gupta
Marketing and PR advisor
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Dr Ravi Jain
Medical Advisor
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Sarah Louise Woodman
Communications Advisor
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Julian Macedo
Commercial Advisor
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Charles Weatherstone
Industry Advisor
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Greg Bran, M.D. PhD
Medical Advisor
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Nikki Zanna
iConsult Expert User
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Rick O'Neill
Digital Marketing Advisor
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Peter Glock
Security and Data Protection Advisor
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The Roadmap

  • Oct 2012
    Design concept of iConsult.
  • Nov 2013
    Release of iConsult V1.0 and 32 new registrations.
  • May 2015
    Release of iConsult V1.5.
  • June 2015
    iConsult expands to Australia.
  • July 2016
    87 New Registrations.
  • November 2016
    Release of iConsult V2.5 and partnership with Enhance insurance.
  • Nov 2016
    Won MFMB Award 2016
  • March 2017
    iConsult expands to the Caribbean.
  • July 2017
    iConsult expands into semi-permanent makeup.
  • Dec 2017
    Over 200,000 consultations performed with iConsult, worldwide.
  • Jan 2018
    Over 61,000 clients registered on iConsult, worldwide.
  • May 2018
    Token pre sale opens.
  • July 2018
    Token public sale (stage 1).
  • July 2018
    Development of Cosmecoin, ClinicOS & blockchain smart contracts.
  • September 2018
    Token public sale (stage 2).
  • October 2018
    Token public sale (stage 3).
  • November 2018
    Token public sale closes.
  • November 2018
    Commence partner recruitment campaign.
  • December 2018
    Recruit and build out.
  • January 2019
    Release of ClinicOS on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • 2019 Onwards
    Continue to build Cosmecoin community.

About the ICO

The First Of Its Kind

iConsult will be the first to develop a blockchain-based solution for the Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics industries. This platform has the potential to be the market leader in this industry and change the way the consumer connects with the industry for ever

Following the presale, the crowd-sale will commence and the gathered funds will be used to create a team of front and back end developers for the ClinicOS Platform, the creation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which includes the programming and launching of the trusted feedback platform, CRM Features, supporting tools, and the payment and aftercare mobile app.

In order to participate in the crowd-sale, each purchaser will be required to register on our whitelist. This whitelist will confirm your country of origin and require you to provide information that ensures you are, by law, allowed to participate in the sale of the COSX token.

ICO Stages
Stage 1 Token Amount Token Price (USD) % Paid Token Price (USD)
Pre sale 65,000,000 $0.037000 30% $0.011100
Stage 1 100,000,000 $0.037000 50% $0.018500
Stage 2 10,000,000 $0.037000 70% $0.025900
Stage 3 35,000,000 $0.037000 90% $0.033300
Total 300,000,000
The ETH will be held without interest for the duration of the crowd-sale.
Therefore COSX Tokens will be non-tradable during the ICO process.

Token Distribution

Token Sale Parameters
  • Token Sale Hard Cap – 5M EUR
  • Minimum Investment Amount - 250 EUR
  • Accepted Currencies – ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, GBP, EUR
  • Token Exchange Rate – 1 COSX = $0.037 upon completion of the ICO

Who We Work With

In the Media