The Ethereum Token

for the Cosmetic Surgery

and Medical Aesthetics Industry

Changing the face of Cosmetic Surgery and

Medical Aesthetics Globally


Connecting willing consumers with trusted practitioners, recording the process, using Blockchain to protect the data and reward best practice with Cosmecoin.

Neither this document nor anything contained herein shall form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any offer or commitment whatsoever in any jurisdiction. Any offer to acquire tokens pursuant to the proposed ICO will be made, and any investor should make his investment decision solely on the basis of the information that is contained in the information memorandum to be published by [iConsult Software Ltd] in due course in connection with the ICO. Copies of the information memorandum will, following publication, be available at

Table of Contents



Core Objectives

Project Development Phases

Phase I: The iConsult Platform

Phase II - The iConsult Community

Phase III: The iConsult Blockchain

Phase IV: The iConsult Marketplace


Token Economics

Token Creation

Token Sale

Payments Handling

Smart Contract

Founder Vesting and Allocation

The Team&Advisors




Cosmecoin - Future Proofing Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Globally



Your Trusted Cosmetic Currency - Future Proofing the Global Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics Industries

iConsult Software Limited has developed an ERC20 token which will run on the Ethereum blockchain for use within the cosmetic and aesthetic medical beauty sector.

The token will be used as a means to connect patients and consumers with trusted partners, recording the process, protecting all parties and rewarding best practice and engagement with a Cosmecoin (COSX) token. Connect – Record – Protect – Reward

The purpose of introducing blockchain technology and issuing a token within the cosmetic and aesthetic medical beauty sector is to create an immutable process which, over time, will facilitate safe practice, reward accountability, trust, significantly improve data protection, and streamline the bookings process leading to increased efficiency.

Cosmecoin are reward based tokens (COSX) which utilise smart contracts to reward patients/consumers and practitioners by providing a token which can be traded for products and/or treatments through our network of partners and brands thereby also encouraging customer loyalty to those participating partners and brands.

Cosmecoin aims to become a key part of the infrastructure for the cosmetic and aesthetic medical beauty industry which today is worth an estimated $57BN globally.

COSX will support our existing iConsult platform, which consists of an iOS App and clinic/salon/spa software and has been designed to establish a best practice process in terms of trust and accountability between its customers and practitioners. Our platform is designed to drive consumers to trusted and ethical businesses and practitioners whilst creating a feedback and reward system for both consumers and practitioners.

Looking forward, iConsult expects the platform to improve patient trust and safety as well as the quality of treatment and accountability for individuals. It should increase bookings and enhance buying habits, and allow for the trading of COSX for treatments or products.

The purpose of this paper is to thoroughly explain the integration of our existing platform with blockchain technology, and to demonstrate how the combination of an iConsult platform with COSX acting as a medium of exchange, could transform the way that the consumer selects, books and provides feedback on practitioners. iConsult is already addressing a number of the current problems affecting the cosmetic surgery, medical and aesthetic beauty industries which is currently disjointed, unsafe and inefficient. This lack of confidence and trust leads to a sub optimal experience for the consumer.

With the introduction of our Consumer App, Cosmecoin and in-clinic software integration, using the COSX token will enable an efficient end to end process which will be trusted by the patient and or consumer and has a level of transparency much needed in the provision of services within this sector. The COSX eco system will reward patient and practioners alike whilst reducing surgical and administrative inefficiencies and at the same time helping to improve patient care.

COSX can be earned by those users who provide measurable and valuable contributions, either as a practitioner through good service, or as a consumer through appointment attendance and provision of feedback and ratings.

The purpose of COSX is to allow patients/consumers to exchange their valuable feedback for products and services, which can in turn create loyalty and return customs for practitioners and suppliers participating within the platform.

While COSX will initially only be usable in those markets where iConsult Ltd currently operates, the longer terms aim of the the COSX reward system is to reach as a broad global market as possible, including a vast number of people who have yet to participate in the cryptocurrency economy. Any such expansion would be subject to being able to offer COSX in relevant jurisdictions and compliance with relevant law and regulation.

A message to those, willing to contribute by means of giving feedback and commenting on this whitepaper.

This version of The Cosmecoin whitepaper has been released as a draft - with the purpose of introducing the idea and to receive valuable feedback.

If you would like to contribute by leaving your comment or review, please or join us on Social Media.


The iConsult platform has been designed and developed by iConsult Software Ltd, trade tested and in operation for the past four years. It supports the cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetic sectors by helping to improve the relationship between customers and practitioners. The platform seeks to drive ethical business development though regular patient contact, as well as the adherence to core values of improving safety standards, providing transparency of data, patient recourse and practitioner accountability.

The iConsult platform aims to set the bar for best practice in the cosmetic and medical aesthetic sector.

The platform and its award winning iConsult software is already established and is earning revenue from long term satisfied clients in the UK, Australia and the Caribbean. iConsult has more than 500 registered practitioners, over 60,000 registered patients and has had over 350,000 consultations conducted. It has been recognised in the aesthetic industry and the wider technology sector as having innovative technology and a genuine use case.

Fig 1. Source: iConsult usage data

The product was a finalist in the 2016 UK National Technology Awards for Product Innovation, and similarly a finalist in the Global Aesthetic Awards of 2014 and 2015, eventually winning in 2016 for the Best Patient Management System. Unlike many blockchain start-ups, iConsult already has an established business which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap.

The core advantages a blockchain supported iConsult will possess over all other systems and processes, is the ability to provide complete financial transparency while securing patient data in an unreadable format delivered through a secure platform, and the creation of a trusted token for use within in the industry.

Introducing Cosmecoin

A key feature of iConsult is the loyalty based proposed reward system and how this will empower users to use COSX.

COSX is a loyalty based reward token which utilises smart contract technology and which can be redeemed for treatments and products in exchange for highly valued customer feedback forming a verified peer feedback database.

The goal of the iConsult token sale (“Token Sale”) is to convert iConsult’s business into a decentralized token-based trusted ecosystem that will enable and promote better care for patients, whilst rewarding practitioners with additional opportunities by virtue of patient feedback and ratings. COSX will reward and encourage best practice behaviours and the adoption of our core values, and is intended to change the way the consumer engages with cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures for the better. Specifically the feedback and rating system, together with the requirement for interaction between consumer and practitioner, should improve the trust between both parties and ensures a clearly defined and compliant pathway for treatment, thereby reducing complaints and possible future litigation.

New customers can book treatments or buy products with fiat currency and existing customers can choose to pay in fiat currency or COSX


Cosmetic surgical and medical aesthetic industries in 2018

Lack of regulation, together with some well publicised examples of poorly executed cosmetic procedures are contributing to a revenue loss for surgeons, practitioners and clinic owners in the cosmetic and medical aesthetic industries.

iConsult seeks to address this with an easy to use, safe and secure App that gives both the consumer and practitioner a safer, more secure and more trustworthy route to a successful procedure. The chance to earn rewards with COSX should encourage participation and drive best practice.

iConsult will work across the following industry sectors:

Cosmetic Surgery – Breast enhancement, Augmentation, Medical Liposuction, Otoplasty, Rhynoplasty.

In the UK there are three major players in this space – Mya, Transform and Harley Medical Group together with individual surgeons who operate on a self-employed basis. There are two main surgical regulators in the UK namely BAAPs and BAPRAS overseen by the GMC. UK advertising is now severely restricted making information, education and transparency for consumers almost impossible. Consumers therefore have to find practitioners through recommendations by way of word of mouth and internet research.

The definition of “cosmetic surgery” is reconstruction of cutaneous or underlying tissues, performed to improve and correct a structural defect or to remove a scar, birthmark, or normal evidence of ageing. Examples of cosmetic surgery procedures would include Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation.

These procedures are also commonly referred to as plastic surgery, although this is more a process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons.

There are a multitude of treatment options available that fall mainly into two categories; Surgical Intervention, such as Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Non-surgical, such as cosmetic injections, skin treatments and equipment based procedures.

The surgical procedures that saw the least decrease in treatments performed in 2016 compared to 2015, amongst both men and women, were otoplasty (pinning back of the ears) (down 9%) and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) (down 6%). We would suggest that this is likely because there are ‘no-real non-surgical equivalents’ currently on the market.

The cosmetic surgery sector is growing at an increasing rate (1), estimated to see a compound annual growth rate of 10% globally, and Cosmetic Surgery Products and devices, such as Breast Implants, generated $8.8 Billion in 2016 and have the potential to reach $15.3 Billion in 2022 (2) globally

Medical Aesthetics and Aesthetic Treatments – Botox, Fillers, Threads, PDO, Chemical Peels, Skin Boosters, PRP, Thermal, Co2, Fractional Laser

Medical Aesthetics cover a range of treatments most of which can be carried out by fully trained medics, such as doctors/nurses, and non-medics alike, such as beauty therapists. These treatments may include Anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels and PDO thread lifts. As a POM (Prescription Only Medicine) , Botulinum Toxin Injections are the only treatment that are classed as medical, and a medical examination MUST be carried out by a qualified practitioner. All other treatments can be performed by anyone. Treatments such as high grade chemical peels and semi invasive thread lifts and liposuction have been self-regulated. While some individual brands will only train medical professionals, many train non- medics.

The UK is unlike the US and Australia who regulate treatments and require them to be performed by medical professionals, which in the case of Australia, has to be a Doctor. In the US the regulations are on a state by state basis under licence.

In the UK, a non-medic can legally provide most Medical Aesthetic treatments.

BAAPS reported that the number of Britons undergoing cosmetic surgery in 2016 was the lowest in nearly a decade. It suggested that the number of cosmetic operations dropped by 40%, with the total number of procedures below 31,000 – 5% less than those that took place in 2007. iConsult believes that the reason for the decline in surgical procedures is as a result of the buoyancy of the unregulated and un-monitored Medical Aesthetic sector. Patients are choosing to opt for less invasive, faster and often cheaper non- surgical and medical aesthetic treatments over surgical intervention. IConsult is intended to become a key market tool for industry statistics and measurement, due to the data being captured by the iConsult system. For example, its partnership with the International Association for the Prevention of Complications in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPCAM), positions iConsult as a key data source for the important analysis on the currently limited data on complications.

The ever-growing plethora of evidence-based, non-invasive treatment modalities that can successfully address patients’ aesthetic concerns and offer minimal downtime at a reduced cost suggests that the non- surgical aesthetic market will continue to grow. Feedback from practitioners suggests that, non-surgical medical aesthetics has never been so busy.

Aesthetic beauty is a huge global growth sector that sees no sign of slowing down. The advanced beauty sector covers clinics, salons, spas and now male grooming emporiums offering rejuvenating and anti- ageing treatments. The number of beauty and grooming salons grew at a faster rate than any other sector of independent businesses last year, with the number of salons and barbers on the UK’s high streets soaring by 10.36% according to Centre for Economic and Business Research.

More than 626 new beauty and grooming businesses opened in 2015, a net rise of more than 10%. Driven by consumer spend on everything from beards to eyebrows, it was the biggest increase of all independent shops with, on average, 12 salons opened per week.

Social media has been particularly influential in fuelling the growth in this entirely unregulated sector, with high-profile celebrity trendsetters – both male and female – helping to drive demand. The levels of services and skills offered vary widely and once again patient education is limited to social media with minimal professional aesthetic brand exposure.

Market Issues can be challenged and solved by Cosmecoin

A major challenge inherent within the industry, and one which stifles potential growth, is the lack of trust between the practitioner and the consumer seeking treatment. Certainly, this is the case in non-regulated jurisdictions, [such as the United Kingdom, and most of Asia]. In the cosmetic surgery sector the Dr/ Practitioner/Patient relationship is under stress, with widely publicised cases of poorly executed treatments, for example in relation to Lesley Ash, a well known celebrity in the UK. This has led to terms such as “botched” and “cowboy” becoming widely associated with the industry. More generally there has been a rise in medical and advanced beauty horror stories appearing in the press, such as ‘botched’ Botox causing paralysis and dermal fillers causing blindness, which has led to widespread confusion. iConsult Cosmecoin seeks to address this by trying to create a trusted and accountable sector.

The fear factor for those considering having a procedure is exacerbated further by complaints arising from minor complications of surgery, such as bruising, which only serves to feed the poor reputation of the industry. Unhappy patients, practitioners, and threats of possible legal action, provide a significant drag on the growth prospects of the industry. iConsult aims to help to reduce the number of complaints received and speed up the process of redress by capturing key reference data.

Secondly, the selection of a competent trusted practitioner is actually very difficult for a potential entrant into the market. Clear and easy to understand information on the types of procedures and the best practitioner to approach for a specific procedure is not readily available. This is true even on the internet (the primary source of treatment awareness in the US). Again, in the US 42% of women surveyed in 2016 (3), acted on a referral basis, which has no effective means of recourse against the clinic in the event that the procedure is badly handled. Using BOTOX Cosmetic Injectables in the UK as an example, this lack of data is estimated to reduce the market from a potential market size of 4.4 million women, down to 550,000, leaving £1.3BN in un-realised revenue.

Thirdly, electronic health records and patient data are highly prized and relatively easy to acquire through nefarious means (2) - with the incoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the increase in data breaches, this trend looks set to continue and become a lucrative revenue stream for Cyber Criminals. A recent example in London, “The Dark Overlord, a hacking group known for mocking and extorting victims, has now stolen highly personal photos from a plastic surgeon in London”

Finally, Practitioners appear frustrated at the conversion rates from those patients who might be considering a specific treatment (85% of American women aged between 55 and 64 considered a surgical enhancement in 2016) (3), to those that actually undergo a procedure (less than 50%). Of those who would not see a plastic surgeon, the barriers cited are largely tied to, fear of complications (58%), fear that it would hurt (51%), fear related to hearing negative stories (47%), fear that they might look worse (41%) and even fear that they might die (37%). (4) dont-discriminate/

Other barriers to plastic surgery include recovery/downtime (54%) and inability to find a doctor they can trust (40%). Differentiation and competition within a relatively small pool of people is a major issue for the development of any given practice. Client acquisition costs are also rising, evidenced by the rapid increase in certain related Google keywords and, in regions such as the UK, practitioners who are not medically qualified have been able to take advantage of the unclear regulatory environment and practice Cosmetic Injectables. In the absence of any effective regulating body that provides oversight, the industry relies on peer feedback platforms for patient referral.

This lack of auditability, and poor approach to self-governance is adding to confusion amongst patient groups, promotes negative outcomes, and more frequently raised complaints.

How does iConsult protect patients?

iConsult is currently addressing many if not all of these concerns having an existing online patient care system which is securely deployed within a private cloud based environment, and with access to data and analytics for those who are permitted to see it. In the United Kingdom, iConsult has built and deployed the next generation patient care system which is well received and has been recognised by Enhance Insurance as providing a best practice risk management solution in the absence of meaningful regulation.

Replicated on our new Consumer App, the system is designed to lead the consumer through a step by step process, minimising the risk of missing a vital stage. The data derived from the platform can be used to vet the qualifications and insurance of a particular provider, and as the only organisation that actively supports their provider network, we can create iConsult Trusted Practitioners.

A Trusted Practitioners is a surgical, medical or advanced beauty professional who is not only trained and qualified in a given procedure, but is also committed to providing transparent, safe and accountable work as part of the overall service to the customer.

Insurance regulations and Data Protection in particular, are becoming an increasingly onerous requirement for clinics. For example, all data derived from digital cameras must be properly encrypted and stored securely but there is little evidence that this is being done. Additionally, the iConsult consent system supports digital signatures so that practitioners can confidently prove that patients are suitably informed and have consented to treatment , prior to receiving it. Given that patient records must be held on file for 11 years, this represents a significant issue for the many clinics still relying on paper-based systems. iConsult’s approach to securing medical records through an encrypted database system allows consumers an easy-to-access storage facility without the mundane and physical paper filing requirements.

Whilst iConsult has an established technology base with fee paying clients, the application has limited scope for incentivising all users simultaneously. The iConsult process is still reliant upon finding a competent surgeon/practitioner or therapist (largely by word of mouth in the UK), and whilst the procedure can be effectively monitored and managed, from that point there is no referral system which connects the two interested parties. It becomes clear, however, that deploying a blockchain solution and executing a procedure via a smart contract is an effective solution to this problem. With the added benefit of creating a cryptocurrency for the global cosmetic surgery market, the currency can be used to drive the correct behaviours and loyalty between interested parties.

By issuing COSX, iConsult will strive to create a much-needed trust based community around the cosmetic surgery business which uses a trusted token for the medical beauty and advanced beauty sectors and, in doing so, will reward medical professionals carrying out high quality procedures with positive feedback for their work and associated loyalty benefits.

With the development of the iConsult Cosmecoin community, it is the intention to make COSX available for trading and extend it into other allied markets, such as health and wellness.

Core Objectives

All service industries aiming at long-term success are driven by their customers’ feedback, and the cosmetic surgery industry is no different. However, there is no effective mechanism for providing verified feedback on the provider.

By incentivising both the patient and the practitioner to adhere to best practice and leave mutual feedback it is hoped that trust will be built faster than any centrally controlled initiative such as registers.

It is a long held belief that people buy on emotions and justify that decision with logic (5) and in iConsult’s view, the best way to grow the industry is to therefore build a process that improves trust, enabling the relationship to develop faster and creating the positive emotions to prompt purchasing behaviour, while accurately recording data that can be analysed and used to fuel further growth.

For this process to exist, there must be a defined best practice journey, a trust and feedback model, a mechanism for rewarding good practice and an independent mechanism for managing complications, complaints and poor practice.

This is where we believe iConsult Cosmecoin is revolutionary. We focus our efforts on five key areas;

a)Trust - We provide support to the Provider/Consumer relationship, which, in Cosmetic procedures, can easily become stressed and difficult to manage.

b)Selection - We enable the selection of a competent trusted practitioner by a potential client easily and efficiently.

c)Security - Data storage and protection is enhanced .

d)Reward - We reward best practice with COSX thereby driving loyalty and behaviour and improving the user experience for both consumers and practitioners.

e)Commercial Advantage - Our process provides clear differentiation and competitive advantage in a highly competitive environment.

iConsult’s intention is to roll out into territories with high value beauty industries, such as Australia, Canada, and the UK (with other territories to follow, based on adherence to local laws and regulations), and align with local partners to manage such roll out. This has already been effective in Australia, where iConsult has a small customer base, managed by local tech support. The UK and Australia TBD are the initial areas of focus and will be the jurisdictions into which COSX is initially issued. The US cosmetic surgery industry is a significant market and it is therefore iConsult’s strategy to expand into that market once COSX is established in the UK and Australia. COSX is not being offered into the US or to US persons as part of this ICO and any such future offering would only be conducted in compliance with appropriate US laws and regulations.

iConsult Cosmecoin aims to boost consumer confidence through being able to select a competent practitioner and have recourse if things go do go wrong (this is explored in The iConsult Community)

The additional benefits of reward by way of a tradeable token (COSX) which can be traded for products and services is also a key driver in building this community and a loyal base of customers/patients.

Therefore, a solution in which a willing consumer is connected with a trusted provider, that contained a mechanism to reward safe practices and compliance and used a safe and secure technology to underpin the process, should have great value. Smart Contracts and Blockchain are clearly a natural fit to create this solution, and they will drive the correct behaviours/loyalty by acting as an exchangeable token for procedures or products from trusted partners.

Project Development Phases

There are Four phases of implementation each with its own milestones, goals, and focus.

Phase I: The iConsult Platform

Phase II: The iConsult Community

Phase III: The iConsult Blockchain

Phase IV: The iConsult Marketplace

Phase I: The iConsult Platform

iConsult’s development focus is on converting its existing technology to create and implement the first blockchain-based platform for the cosmetic surgery sector and to provide practitioners with a market leading, secure and effective patient management system. iConsult is incorporating common core customer relationship management (CRM) features and “traditional” marketing tools such as SMS messaging, clinic diary and back end functionality, aligned with our award winning iOS consultation tool that adds value all the way through the process.

iConsult already provides a powerful tool to connect our customers with theirs, and gives real time access to data which is instrumental in improving service quality and establishing a loyal patient base. The design of the system is essentially already decentralised - iConsult provides patients with access to their own records, and also allows them to transfer the records between practitioners on the iConsult Network.

iConsult customer, Nicci Maasdorp, says;

“I have been using iConsult in my practice for a few months now. I can honestly say that it has transformed the way I see the patient journey. Before, I was using a combination of paper notes, photographs and a dental patient management system. Now, I can communicate effectively with patients using the iConsult consultation tool and store all of my information in one place. More so, patients are impressed and surprised that they have access to their records, meaning they can give feedback their treatment results and notes. I feel I am not just a user of a software platform but rather part of the iConsult Community”

The current iteration of the iConsult Platform uses traditional technologies, with an iPad App that provides the practitioner tools for consultation, a Web System for back-end configuration and maintenance of the system, data management, some Customer Relationship functionality and a Database hosted by our data partner Marotori.

At the time of development, the UK Practitioner base was (and still is) 80% iOS, therefore due to cost considerations an Android Application was not developed, however it is our intention to create an Android version.

iConsult has generated the following usage stats in 2017

Sources - iTunes Connect/iConsult System Stats

The iConsult Model

From the initial consultation, through to treatment planning and consent, iConsult takes the patient and the practitioner on this journey together, creating increased levels of trust and generating revenue whilst remaining ethical and compliant.

iConsult’s clear and concise treatment planning helps the patient to feel that they’ll get the care, expertise and results they’re paying for. It also gives our Trusted Partners the opportunity to suggest further treatments that may benefit their new patient. This process is already functioning and is explored in more detail in Phase II - The iConsult Community.

A well designed Client Pathway is the key to building relationships - it adds value by streamlining processes and improving the patient journey, and can easily help to convert added value into actual tangible revenue by maximising the average spend of each client per visit.

Stage 1 - Consumer

Consumers who are considering having a Medical Aesthetics treatment, but are looking for information to support their decision to have a treatment, and which service provider to have it with.

This process breaks down into four distinct actions

Development of this aspect of the Platform is a key part of the MVP or Minimum Viable Product, which is the minimum feature set required to create a viable, usable product.

Stage 2 - Clients

Having selected a Practitioner for treatment, the consumer then moves to a client mindset, where they are looking for value to support the decision to have treatment with that specific chosen provider.

This process breaks down into five distinct actions

The iConsult Platform currently performs this process through the iPad app

Stage 3 - Patients

Having decided to actually have the treatment, consumers are looking for their expectations to be satisfied, and a positive and successful treatment outcome through the skill and ability of a chosen practitioner.

This process breaks down into two pathways - Pre Treatment and Post Treatment

Stage 3.1 - Pre-Treatment Pathway

This process breaks down into six actions

The iConsult Platform currently performs this process through the iPad App

The treatment is then carried out.

Stage 3.2 - Post-Treatment Pathway

This process breaks down into four actions

The iConsult Platform currently performs this process through the iPad App

Stage 4 - Clients

The distinction between Consumers and Clients, is that a Consumer is looking for information from someone in order to make an informed choice, a Client is looking for the value proposition to meet the expectations and promises laid out by that information.

Once, having actually had treatment, providing care, attention and added value to the client, will enable engagement, build trust and generate loyalty.

This process breaks down into Five actions

Development of this aspect of the Platform is a key part of the MVP or Minimum Viable Product, which is the minimum feature set required to create a viable, usable product.

Stage 5 - Consumer

The Client now enters the consumer phase, where the iConsult Community takes over through the web and iOS app to ensure that the aftercare is adhered to and that the patient follow up steps are managed. This model ensures that the ENTIRE Consumer Journey is managed and nothing is left to chance, providing an exceptional experience for the consumer.


The process of gathering information in order to satisfy the need


The process of sifting the data and choosing a practitioner based on certain criteria


The process of engaging with that practitioner

The target groups for the iConsult Community are both on the Consumer and practitioner side, and by creating value for both groups iConsult aims to engage and grow the market.

The Practitioner

Clearly it’s not enough to provide only for the consumer, the practitioner also needs to benefit from the process.

The iConsult Platform is designed to be a true business builder, by updating the existing Web System to include features that provide a highly effective clinic management and marketing system we can provide a complete end to end solution for any sized clinic.

Clinic Management software that makes booking and re-booking multiple appointments simple and pain free.

Minimise wasted time and maximise cash flow with invoicing system.

In built marketing systems that combines text, email and push notifications Capture important sales data and reports

Medical software that makes stock counts, purchase orders and ordering new inventory simple. Track all your clinics from any location at any time on any device.

Capture sales enquiries and transfer the clients data direct into CRM system, Automated reminders for when you should contact clients for feedback.

Payments Handling

The costs will show up on the patients credit card like any other purchase.

The practitioner will receive tokens from the smart contract to their platform account in exchange for their service or products.

The practitioner can cash out the tokens that are in their account at any point using the same third party exchange system and assuming there is a willing buyer, and also purchase tokens as needed to pay for the platform fee.

This fee is collected monthly from each practitioner participating in the platform.

If the practitioner does not have any tokens left they can purchase using their platform account and make their token payment.

Web Application Dashboard

Web Application Client Database

Web Application Patient Record Benefits to Practitioner Practitioner ratings,feedback and biographies are easily available enabling a prospective new client to base their decision of which practitioner to go to based on evidence and review.

iConsult V3.0 MVP Key Feature Table of MVP

Phase II - The iConsult Community

One of the key factors in ensuring a successful project is effective promotion of the Cosmecoin App to the consumer, and the need to build a strong community around COSX. iConsult will achieve this by creating a network to share, educate and promote industry facts, news, people and best practice .

The strategy that iConsult employs is Connect – Record – Protect - Reward, which supports our core messages.

Using the latest technologies to Connect a consumer with a trusted practitioner, Record all of the information and focus on the safety and client experience, Protect and securely store data on the Blockchain and Reward for best practice, loyalty to the practioners on the platform and feedback. Our solution is intended to have a widespread attraction, not just to the consumer, but also to the mainstream media, the industry itself and the global crypto-community.

iConsult is actively engaged with patient advocates, such as Dawn Knight, to ensure that our messages are effectively communicated to the consumer through a combination of advertising, press releases, own social media networks, engagement with industry and brand social networks and current iConsult Trusted Practitioner to drive people to the iConsult website and app.

iConsult has formed a partnership to rebrand and relaunch a popular consumer facing aesthetic magazine now called The Cosmo List in April 2018 (to coincide with the ICO). This digital and print magazine has been in the market place with no visible competitor for the past 26 months. It has already become popular with the consumer for patient education about treatments, practitioner enquiries, Facebook forums, social media engagement, competitions and its shop. Practitioners and brands are already engaged with the magazine through content creation, reviews for products and treatments and advertising or sale of their products and services in the shop. This is a perfect vehicle to enhance the launch and promotion of our Cosmecoin App and also to attract early practitioner adoption to the iConsult platform and patient referral programme.

The quarterly print magazine will benefit from an advertising revenue and has a paid for distribution of 20,000 and will be available for purchase from July 2018 in selected Waitrose and Sainsbury’s outlets across the UK. The Cosmo List is working with leading global brands to form collaborative reselling and marketing agreements which will further boost brand awareness amongst consumers and practitioners alike.

iConsult will also advertise on multiple consumer facing platforms, and partner with key industry suppliers, bloggers and commentators, as a team we have already engaged with the Global Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Community and will use these connections to create affiliate links to promote and drive the download and use of the App and the use of the Cosmecoin COSXto exchange for products, procedures and supplies.

The primary goal and vision of The Cosmecoin Community is to create innovative programmes that will solve market issues by:


The current data from Millennium Research Group (now Drg Digital) estimates that there were just 560,000 Botulinum Toxin treatments in the UK in 2017. When measured against a potential patient universe of 16.6M (Women 35-59), and also consider that each should be having at least two treatments per year, the figure should be much higher. This is a trend that is repeated in many territories across the globe.

Cosmetic surgery patient numbers were reported to be declining in the UK by 40% by BAAPS, but the medical aesthetic market is booming with the likelihood that consumers are choosing less invasive treatments rather than surgery. This still means that there were 31,000 elective cosmetic surgery procedures carried out which were researched and booked by the consumer. The steady growth that the medical aesthetic market is now enjoying is 5-8% with a projected annual growth rate of 10% over the next 5 years but there is still very little centralised patient education and practitioner selection resource.

The iConsult technology vision has always been to help our practitioners to gain more customers and to accelerate their growth in the medical aesthetics market. With the encapsulation of the surgical, aesthetic and advanced medical beauty sectors we can now promote the Cosmecoin app, use marketing and social media campaigns along with our magazine and websites to drive traffic to the App, which will, we believe, provide high quality information and target consumers with compelling content leading them into a highly informed and engaged customer journey.

Less Government regulation for non-surgical procedures in the UK means that data is scarce and often unreliable. The US markets are far more regulated and governed by various authorities such as the FDA and the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) which provide some really good data that is transferable to other markets.

Target Consumer Groups or Demographics Women

According to ISAPS [3] men, on the whole, are becoming far more comfortable with plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. The stigma of plastic surgery has slowly, but surely, been worn down, and you can expect that to continue into 2018 and beyond. In 2016, 13.8% of all surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures were performed on men. The most popular procedures noon-surgical for men in 2016 were as follows: 650,550, Botox The top five most popular surgical procedures for men worldwide were blepharoplasty (286,418), gynecomastia (236,371), rhinoplasty (217,152), liposuction (213,992) and hair transplantation (116,487). Since these were also the top five of 2015, it is reasonable to expect that their popuarity will continue in the medium term.

2017 Figures will be available in or around October or November of 2018 as they are produced typically 10/12 months in arrears .

From 2015 to 2016, men’s Botox procedures increased by 4%, and the top five surgical procedures (combined) increased by 7%. Now that more men than ever are feeling comfortable with plastic surgery, these numbers are expected to rise even more as they start to age. Advertising plastic surgery services to men as well as women could pay dividends throughout the next year and into the rest of the decade.

We believe that all of our traditional and digital marketing strategies can reach each demographic in their preferred medium. Offering improved understanding for the consumer is key to the Cosmecoin Community as is unlocking the potential growth held within these groups. By removing or reducing the barriers preventing those that might consider having treatment from actually walking into a cosmetic surgery or medical aesthetics iConsult hopes tol increase the number of people having treatment.

There is a disconnect between the consumers’ perception of the Cosmetic Surgical and Medical Aesthetics Industries. The desire of the medical fraternity to keep advanced procedures as a “Medical Procedure” whilst also being carried out quite legally by non-medics causes conflict between medical and non medical practitioners. This means that the messaging and key phrases used in the marketing and promotion of surgical and non-surgical procedures to the consumer fails to be consistent or to connect leaving patients confused and unwilling to “risk” some treatments.

Due to this lack of differentiation, clinics and practitioners find themselves competing increasingly on price, adjusting dosages and product used and therefore have higher levels of dissatisfaction due to expectations not being met.

There are simply not enough outlets for impartial, unbiased information on procedures and product that communicate to all segments, therefore the consumer does not have an effective “vision of excellence”, an example of the standards that should be achieved, and held not only in treatment outcome but also customer experience benchmarks. The Cosmecoin app and The Cosmo List seek to offer this solution to the consumer.

By providing innovative thinking and harnessing the blockchain to record and securely protect patient data making it accessible to both patient and practitioner creating accountability, we will unlock these barriers to growth and improve their ability to attract and retain new clients.

iConsult Cosmecoin’s own research and vast team industry and commercial experience in this sector demonstrates that a key factor in the growth of a cosmetic surgery business is the need to build and maintain strong relationships with clients and gain valuable feedback and market research data to enhance their treatment plans and communications.

Conversely, consumers lacked a reliable source where different practitioners can be compared by means of their rating and feedback as well as the possibility to give anonymous and unfiltered feedback when sharing their thoughts and opinions. This will now be addressed and provided by the Cosmecoin App and The Cosmo List magazine and website.

The Improved Consumer Journey

The process begins with a prospective client expressing an emotional desire to have a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure. The consumer begins looking for information on treatments and on prospective providers through a combination of Social Media, Google, Websites, internet searches, word of month and referral. Cosmecoin mobile app will provide a much-improved search and selection experience with relevant content delivered directly to the considering consumer, and the global network of Trusted Practitioners available to choose from.

Once a prospective client decides to proceed with a treatment, they move into the Client Phase, where an iConsult Trusted Partner is selected. The client creates an account on the iConsult platform, provides medical history, a summary is provided, an appointment is booked and then a deposit payment is taken. By providing better-managed process, expectations are managed, and consistent brand and clinic messages help to create an emotionally engaged client and a compelling experience. Directly after the first appointment, the Cosmecoin App will then continue to encourage engagement by way of automated contact with the patient kick starting the follow up reward and review process.

Once the prospective client has decided to go ahead with a treatment, they begin looking for reassurance they will get good value for money. The process of turning that prospective client into a paying client is multi-faceted. Each step will be effective and add value for the practitioner to create a Compelling Patient Journey that will be remembered and recommended.

Use of the Consumer Mobile Application and The Cosmo List parts of the iConsult Platform will act as the bridge between the Consumer and Practitioner helping the consumer move smoothly along this and hopefully their next treatment journey.

iConsult’s clear treatment planning, online patient notes and consistent brand and clinic messaging across all of our platforms are mirrored in the app - this helps the patient to feel secure using iConsult Cosmecoin. They should feel that practitioners provide a highly professional, trustworthy service provider who cares and offers a trustworthy service – and as a result are more likely to return for further treatments.

The patient journey is, of course, not complete until the final transactions are completed - the payment and review. In the future payment may be taken though the iConsult Platform and a small iConsult Admin feemay be taken from this transaction.

Rewards through COSX

By responding to the Cosmecoin app notification and acknowledging that they have successfully completed feedback and adhered to aftercare, they will also be prompted to take a selfie or image of the healing process, again stored securely on a blockchain infrastructure- each step will be incentivised by the issue of COSX, the more steps completed the more COSX earned.

This will not only help with aftercare by ensuring the correct advice is given and acted on by the patient, but also to create a visual treatment, product and procedure gallery diarising of the aftercare process which is hugely valuable for patient, practitioner and industry alike. This promotes accountability from both parties and creates an immutable record of the practitioner and patient journey on the blockchain which is accessible by both parties should any complication or dispute occur.

Currently, the consumer then begins looking for information on treatments and on prospective providers through combination of Social Media, Google and web searches, word of month and referral. With iConsult, the Mobile App will provide an improved search and selection experience with relevant content delivered directly to the considering consumer, and the global network of iConsult Trusted Partners available to choose from.

The mobile application and website are crucial to the success of the system, as they provide the primary mechanism of connecting the consumer to the practitioner through the iConsult Network.

The App will then continue to encourage engagement with the follow up and review process outlined in The iConsult Blockchain, through relevant information, and engaging educational content.

Phase III: The iConsult Blockchain

iConsult’s aim is to launch and establish iConsult v3.0 using a blockchain based feedback and loyalty reward network to create a growing database which becomes the backbone of the cosmetic surgery sector.

The core advantage a blockchain supported iConsult will possess over all other systems and processes, is the ability to provide complete financial transparency while securing patient data in an unreadable format and also provide the correct level of access to an authorised person.

Another major benefit of iConsult v3.0 is the being able to benefit from the security advantages provided by blockchain technology.

The inherent nature of decentralization will reduce the risk of back-end hacks where typically only one server needs to be compromised to steal information. With Blockchain Technology a malicious attack would have to access each individual account on the individuals device to get the same information.

Introducing COSX

A key advantage of iConsult v3.0 is the reward system and it’s empowering elements that bring value to users by using our innovative token, COSX, as an incentive for participation and loyalty. COSX is a reward token given in exchange for highly valued customer feedback and which can be redeemed for treatments and products.

Systems such as Tripadvisor have proven that feedback is among the top methods in improving a business, and that with positive feedback a business can attract new customers. Through its use of blockchain technology, iConsult can provide an immutable feedback system .

iConsult’s feedback system can truly make a difference to both customers and practitioners.

For example, should a patient leave a feedback score of 2* or lower, that would trigger the iConsult feedback process, where the patient would be obliged to discuss the low score with the practitioner that provided the procedure. By doing this, iConsult aims to protect the practitioners against malicious feedback, and enable a feedback loop that will assist with recourse.

iConsult’s goal is to create and maintain a decentralised and distributed data storage and feedback platform built on Ethereum’s blockchain. The iConsult Community rewards high quality patient feedback and engagement with COSX, and this incentive structure has a strong influence on the quality of the cosmetic procedure and increases the sense of mutual responsibility between practitioners and patients. It also encourages patients and customers to use practioners/suppliers that are participants on the platform thereby engendering loyalty.

It also encourages patients/customers to use practitioners/suppliers that are participants on the platform thereby engendering loyalty.

a)Client leaves a <2* feedback - triggers a complaint.

(i) Complaint handling from practitioner - Complaint handling process MUST be follow if a complaint is received.

b)Client is not happy with the complaint handling from the clinic decides to take take it further.

(i) Contact 3rd Party

c)Complaint is resolved

(i) New feedback score is given

(ii) Token issued

(iii) feedback posted

d)Complaint unresolved

e)Feedback not posted, and will be held until the process is completed.

The consultation data would be available to all relevant parties, so an informed discussion could take place. If the complaint was referred to an authorised third party, such as an regulating body or insurer and upheld, then the feedback would stand and the patient is protected. Should the negative feedback be malicious or unwarranted, the patient will have an opportunity to amend or the feedback would be erased, thus protecting the partner clinic.

By creating a self-executing Smart Contract, the iConsult platform will assure that this autonomy, trust, speed, and safety continues in an environment that is more secure and thus mitigating any risks in connection with manipulations.

It is hoped that this brand new, blockchain-based feedback system will trigger a dynamic movement in patients and practitioners to open COSX wallets.

The Token Sale is scheduled to commence on 7th April 2018, and will be accompanied by an aggressive marketing strategy and campaign to highlight these benefits and quickly create a global community of patients and practitioners.

At this moment in time, iConsult’s developers are working on converting the existing key elements of the platform so that it works on a blockchain infrastructure and implementing the required smart contract on the Ethereum network.

Key Benefits:

Phase IV: The iConsult Marketplace

The creation of an economic system

The blockchain has the potential to standardise secure data exchange in a less burdensome way than previous approaches.

As the COSX distribution model is aimed at value creation for the cosmetic procedures industry worldwide, each patient activity, which generates value for the cosmetic procedures industry, will be rewarded with COSX. COSX could later be used for to pay for cosmetic procedures treatments. Practitioners, on the other hands,might want to create more loyalty by incentivising employees for their performance in the workplace.


This section aims to explain the different phases IConsult Cosmecoin intends to progress through over the next few years, and the various milestones connected with each phase IConsult Cosmecoin wishes to achieve for the users, developers, and the industry overall.

7th April 2018 - Cosmecoin ICO Pre Sale Round

Preparation & Mobilisation

Phase II: The iConsult Platform MVP

Phase III: The iConsult Community

Global Consumer recruitment campaign motivate the participants to make use of the COSX currency.

Phase IV: The iConsult Marketplace

Build up COSX infrastructure for direct international exchange of COSX for products, services or feedback between iConsult Trusted Partners, suppliers and consumers.

Road Map Stages

The integration of the Blockchain into the existing platform will be the first major milestone on the iConsult roadmap. This integration will go through several additions in multiple stages. With all smart contract interactions, the system will be prepared carefully to be able to scale as many users are added, and to not bloat the blockchain with unnecessary data. Only secure information will be deployed onto the blockchain.

The user account smart contract, exchange interaction contract, user storage contract rewards contract, and feedback contract will all be contracts that will require a deactivation function in order to be upgradable. Unlike most software platforms, blockchain code cannot simply be upgraded by sending the customers new code. The old code will be deactivated, and abandoned on the network, while the new code will be sent to the network and the tokens and other smart contracts connected to it. Due to the nature of the content, it will be imperative that the old contract is not functioning in the event of an upgrade.

Token Economics

Cosemecoin aims to create a community of quality practitioners that cosmetic customers can trust, and by bringing these mutually beneficial parties together the Cosmecoin community will grow. The Cosmecoin system that facilitates the trustful interaction between practitioners and customers will create a total of 500 million tokens, see the token creation and sales portions for further details. These 500 million tokens will be used as a means of payment to practitioners from customers, as payment to the Cosmecoin platform from practitioners, and given to customers from the platform as they engage in the feedback system and self-care procedures. Customers will be able to use the tokens to pay for treatments and products from practitioners through the Cosmecoin system.

These tokens represent NO ownership or equity in Cosmecoin or its parent or subsidiary and or affiliated companies, they [the tokens] also do not have rights for voting or distributions. The tokens are strictly for use within the platform to exchange for services and products provided by the platform participants, and be given to customers completing their self-care activities. There is no reason to assume that COSX has any intrinsic value and iConsult does not represent that COSX will have any investment like characteristics.

The way that the tokens will increase in value is by having more consumers and practitioners participate in the system, creating a demand for the tokens. As the tokens rise in value within the platform and on exchanges, partial tokens will be awarded for the previously mentioned activities. The diagram below depicts the iConsult ecosystem.


Practitioners will pay the platform a fee in the form of a percentage of the treatment cost to participate in the platform. This payment will be automatically transferred through the smart contract to the platform. This fee will be paid in COSX. Practitioners should find value in the increased referrals and business based on their platform participation and ratings. Only those consumers who have received treatments at a specific practice will be able to leave feedback about the practitioners, these are called verified feedback sessions and should prevent false or inaccurate feedback being left.


Consumers will use tokens purchased in the ICO or from an exchange, exchange undetermined at this time, to pay for products and services offered within the iConsult platform. They can also pay for services directly with a credit card, in the process of paying with credit card, the platform will convert the payment to tokens so that they can be used in the smart contracts of the platform. The tokens play an important part in rewarding fair and equitable feedback, but also in helping to improve patient recovery by rewarding positive action in the form of completing home-care tasks, using a picture evidence for example, before and after photos of a bandage replacement uploaded into the consumers medical file. The patient will also receive tokens after self care is completed and confirmed by the practitioner. The tokens are the same tokens issued during the ICO can be used for their next purchase with any practitioner or product provider on the platform.

The patient experience will begin with the consultation. When a fee is required for the consultation it will be paid to the practitioner in COSX. COSX will be paid using the consumer’s tokens. When the patient wishes to continue with the procedure, they will pay the amount in COSX to the smart contract that will hold it until both the practitioner and the patient agree the procedure is complete. Once both people agree, using the app on their respective mobile devices the COSX will transfer to the practitioner.


The platform will create revenue by collecting fees paid by the Practitioners, in tokens, in return for SaaS operations, which may include customer record management. Also, the platform will create revenue in the form of a small percentage for people to transact their fiat currency to tokens within the platform. This revenue stream may decrease over time as users become more familiar with blockchain and token usage. The platform will be providing some of the tokens collected from the fees paid by the practitioners to drive the reward system. As more users participate both as consumers and practitioners the demand for the tokens should continue to rise. The fees are essentially paying for driving desired consumer behaviour. The platform operational costs will be covered by the fees collected in the form of the exchange percentage to cover the exchange costs, and the procedure fees paid in COSX will be converted to fiat through an exchange to pay for the hosting and maintenance of the site and technology.

ICO funds will be used for the several versions of the platform that will follow until the fees are enough to continue paying for ongoing improvement, i.e capital investment in the platform.

Token Creation

iConsult will issue issue 500 million COSX with 10 decimal places.

The tokens will adhere to the security standards as laid out by the Consensys and open Zeppelin documentation. The links for such standards are and

Below is a breakdown of the token distribution.

Upon creation, the owners of the token will allocate the funds accordingly.

[pls explain comms bounty airdrop and who constitute thes team and advisors. Please explain coin option plan and reserve]

[where will the tokens that are issued as rewards come from and how will that impact scarcity and therefore value?]

A “COSX” refers to one individual IConsult Cosmecoin and because it is an ERC20 token, it is configured so it can be used globally by all individuals permitted to use it and its value will be driven by demand, inflationary forces, and traded at the exchange spot price. The symbol “COSX” has been chosen to represent a Cosmecoin Token. This token and crowdsale contract will be checked by third party auditors and proven to be the same code as what has been released on the testnet and mainnet using

Token Sale

In order to participate in the crowd-sale, each purchaser will be required to register on our whitelist.

This whitelist will confirm your country of origin and require you to provide information that ensures you are, by law, allowed to participate in the sale of the COSX token. This token is strictly for use within the platform for self-care rewards and exchange of services and products. These tokens do NOT represent any ownership, equity, voting rights or distributions of Cosmecoin, its subsidiaries, parent company, or affiliates.

The process will be simple, once the registration forms are completed. You will be provided an address where you may submit ETH, BTC, LTC, NEO, GBP, EUR and USD to purchase tokens. Your tokens will be available for your withdrawal once the documentation has been approved and you are following all applicable laws and regulations.

If you are eligible and approved you will added to the whitelist, If you are rejected, your currency will be returned to the address provided within 24 hours of rejection.

The ETH will be held without interest for the duration of the crowd-sale .

The Smart Contract has disabled the trade function until the completion of the ICO. Therefore COSX Tokens will be non-tradable during the ICO process.


As further bonus to the crowd-sale participants, if there are more than 20,000 tokens not sold by the end date of the crowd-sale the remaining amount of tokens will be split 50/50 between the reserve fund of the iConsult platform and the ICO participants.

ICO Stages:

Reading from left to right the first “Token Price (USD)” represents the price at which we will be listing the token on an exchange. The second “Token Price (USD)” represents the discounted price of the token for that particular stage of the sale.

The Presale round will commence on the 7th of April 2018, and the invested funds will be used to promote the Public Presale, recruitment of practitioners, creation of the Token and Smart Contract and marketing and promotion of the Public Sale

Token Sale Parameters

Token Sale Hard Cap

5M GBP Minimum goal to start - 2M GBP

Accepted Currencies


Token Exchange Rate

1 COSX = $0.037 upon completion of the ICO

Following the presale, the Public sale will commence and the gathered funds will be used to create a team of front and back end developers for the iConsult Platform, the creation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which includes the programming and launching of the trusted feedback platform, CRM Features, supporting tools, and the payment and aftercare mobile app.

The funds that are raised during the sale of the tokens will be held by the Company or a nominated representative in hardware wallets. The reason for this choice is to avoid problems with multi signature wallets such as the recent well documented “Parity Hack”. It unfortunately centralises the responsibility onto one identified person but this is a reduced risk when compared to the constant threat of hacks and the money being stolen by unnamed, untrackable accounts. These funds will be partially converted to fiat currency to manage operational and traditional costs of performing business actions.

This will be also be used to create the team that will implement and drive the project, with the aim of making the system the market leading Cosmetic Surgery Platform in terms of revenue in the shortest possible time.

Once all the necessary data from the test phases of the trusted feedback network has been gathered and analysed, necessary changes will be made to the platform based on the gathered data and upon the completion of the testnet alterations, the second phase of the campaign will be initiated.

The iConsult Mobile App is expected to be released in late 2018.

iConsult will be the first to develop a blockchain based solution for the cosmetic procedures industry and has the potential to be the market leader in this industry and change the way the consumer connects with the industry for ever.

Payments Handling

Payment handling will be a very simple process on the iConsult platform where consumers and practitioners should find the system easy to use. We will remove the need for technical know-how, and operate, on the surface, in a way that any normal consumer understands.

Payments for the platform will be taken as credit card payments in fiat currency.

Consumers will not have to struggle with back end technology and get discouraged or concerned with how they will use it and pay for surgery.

How we make this seamless is by utilising a third party technology that makes the tokens and exchange system all happen in the background. What will happen is the user will create an account. The account will drive things like self care, comments, and manage the rewards the user will receive for participating in the platform.

They, the user, will also enter their credit card information for payments. The third party exchange system will, when the user authorises the payment, charge the users/patients credit card, convert the fiat collected from the credit card into tokens and transfer the tokens to the platform smart contract as a down payment on the surgery This conversion will be based on the listed public exchange rate on the exchange Cosmecoin chooses to use. Once the procedure is complete, they will complete the payment, again using their credit card in the same way as described for the down payment.

The platform will automatically debit a small percentage of the tokens that are collected in the smart contract and transfer the rest to the practitioner.

The costs will show up on the patients credit card like any other purchase.

The practitioner will receive tokens from the smart contract to their platform account in exchange for their service or products.

The practitioner can cash out the tokens that are in their account at any point using the same third party exchange system and assuming there is a willing buyer, and also purchase tokens as needed to pay for the platform fee.

This fee is collected monthly from each practitioner participating in the platform.

If the practitioner does not have any tokens left they can purchase using their platform account and make their token payment.

Smart Contract

The smart contract (SC) will function in such a way as to provide a user friendly and rewarding experience for those using IConsult software (Cosmecoin). There will be several smart contracts working in conjunction with each other. These contracts are the token contract, the platform contract, customer contract, and practitioner contract. Because blockchains are not designed to hold large amounts of information, the blockchain will rely on secure data storage methods already contained within the existing platform.

The token contract will be an ERC20 contract that will bare the name of IConsult and Cosmecoin with the symbol COSX. This contract will meet the security and best practices standards as mentioned in the Token Creation section of this whitepaper. Once the token is created, it will be owned and managed by the iConsult team. The maximum amount of tokens that will be created is 500,000,000 with Ten decimal points. As price inflation naturally occurs, partial tokens will be accepted by the practitioners and be used for rewards payments and fees.

The rewards system contract will draw on platform and patient inputs to provide a tokenized reward for performing platform actions such as the leaving feedback, or following and performing post surgery care. These tokens are the same ERC20 tokens that come from the ERC20 token contract . These platform and user inputs will determine the size and frequency of the rewards given to the patients. The reward tokens are from the fees and payments that are made within the platform, it will set aside a number of tokens from each procedure to be used for different rewards. Each procedure will yield a different amount of possible token rewards, these numbers will be determined by the length in time, the cost, and aftercare complexity. The longer more expensive and complex the procedure, the more rewards the person will receive, if they participate. This information is captured and managed by the smart contracts and platform software. These procedures will be built into the contract with various types of structures and mappings in order to track and be consistent with the rewards.

As the token value changes so will the amount of tokens the patients will receive.

The practitioner smart contract will collect the customer payment and transfer the appropriate amount to the platform. The goal here is to provide the individual user with the safety and security of the blockchain without making them aware that they are using the blockchain. The benefit to the use of the tokenized system is that the tokens actually hold a value and can be held in a smart contract as a type of escrow.

The appropriate parties based on the inputs from platform front end software.

These smart contracts capture the aspects of the platform that are designed to provide high levels of security and quality of information.

1.The Exchange is an integral part of the system as it will allow others to convert their fiat currency into COSX

2.Practitioners can convert all or part of their tokens to FIAT Currency assuming there is a willing buyer

3.Clients can convert all or part of their tokens to FIAT Currency assuming there is a willing buyer

4.Practitioners can receive tokens as payment from the patient

5.Clients can pay the Practitioner directly for the procedure in tokens.

6.Practitioners can pay for the platform usage in tokens.

7.Clients receive tokens from the platform for feedback and rewards for following after care.

Ethereum allows the running of decentralized code in conjunction with smart contracts, enabling reliable services and payments handling. ‘Smart Contracts are a central component of next- generation blockchain platforms.

Due to the contracts’ self-executing nature, single party manipulation is averted because control over the execution of the smart contract does not fall into the hands of a single party. Hence, it could be said that smart contracts provide autonomy, trust, speed, and safety.

iConsult Cosmecoin smart contracts are computer protocols in the Ethereum blockchain that facilitate, verify, negotiate and conclude contracts between individuals and their contracting party.

Scaling with smart contracts on the ethereum virtual machine is a challenge that is being addressed by the EVM founders and others that provide a third party service for things like “offchain” transactions.

Scaling issues means that the EVM can only handle a limited number of transactions per day, reducing the amount of traffic on the network. The Cosmecoin platform will utilise such a third party service as the development team progresses with the inclusion of the blockchain into the existing platform. This service for off chain transactions will only be used until such a time that the EVM has matured enough to naturally scale.

Founder Vesting and Allocation

Founder vesting for iConsult is designed to happen in such a way as to demonstrate the founders’ commitment to the project and the community it represents. The founders will be allocated 9% of the tokens that will be held for a period of 12 months. The tokens will be placed into a holdings wallet that has a hard coded timer allowing the founders to trade tokens 12 months after the date of issue. It will also be set up so that the founders will not be allowed to trade more than 10% of their tokens at any one time. These rules will be a contractual obligation that will be executed using smart contracts. The remaining team members and advisors named on the White Paper, will receive their token compensation package in much the same way, and will be required to hold the tokens for a period of 12 months. This is to ensure the commitment to the project as well as ensuring the price stability for consumers. Once these tokens for the team members have vested, they are under no further obligation to hold the tokens.

The tokens are intended to be made available for listing on an exchange within the first six months of operation .

The funds generated from the ICO will be held in escrow, that will carry the responsibility of confirming the milestones of the project are being reached, and will therefore release the next stage of funding for iConsult.

Initially the company will retain $2.5 million in order to build out the team, and provide the overhead and support required to operate a complex user platform.

The milestones for release and the amount are as follows:

*The above timescales are indicative and subject to change*

The Team & Advisors

Richard Crawford-Small CEO & Founder

During his 15 years in the Global Medical Aesthetic Industry, Richard generated a unique insight into the client experience that has led to the creation of iConsult, the award winning and pioneering iConsult Interactive Client Management System. The emergence of blockchain has given the opportunity to solve many issues in the sector with a single technology solution. Richard is often featured in the industry press, and is the author of Changing Faces; creating beautiful medical aesthetic businesses.

Chris Barber

Chief Technology Officer

Chris is a qualified Project Manager, Blockchain Consultant, and Analyst with over 10 years experience delivering large scale projects from Petrochemicals to software and platform development and bringing complex, multi-stakeholder projects to successful conclusion. A background in Computer Science and a real interest in emerging technologies, Chris specialised in Blockchain projects and focussed on ensuring that organisations successfully develop their solutions by providing business analysis, tech leadership and programming solidity smart contracts.

Russell Turner

Creative Director

Russell provides strategic level oversight of the creative elements of Cosmecoin. As a consumer offering, Russ is focussed on encouraging our clients to look at new and exciting ways to challenge convention and how to use Cosmecoin to interact with their customer base and build a creative solution around business

Lia Burnell

Community Manager

Lia is a highly motivated and capable sales and marketing professional, with an innate understanding of technology and how to apply Social Media to create programmes that generate interest, engagement and ultimately sales. Lia looks after our Social Media channels and is great with clients.

Vladimir Chernyshev

Lead Developer

Vladimir is an end-to-end product developer. He is a full-stack web engineer who is fiercely passionate about the user experience and interaction of a product. He inherently understands that the customer is the single most valuable asset an organization can have, and is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of customer- driven focus, ideals and user experience.

Robert Westmacott

Non Executive Director

Robert is the founder of Scribestar, a SaaS based document collaboration and verification platform used in Capital Markets transactions. Robert has over 32 years experience in Sales and Marketing within the legal and financial services sectors, presently Chief Executive of Coinseige, the world’s first Cryptocurrency Fantasy League game.

Dr Ravi Jain

Medical Advisor

Ravi is a multi award winning aesthetic physician with an international reputation for excellence in facial aesthetics and optimising the patient consultation process. He has been a Key Opinion Leader for Nestle Skin Health and Galderma since 2009 and as been instrumental in developed key projects involving the patient journey.

Julian Macedo


Julian has spent more than 20 years in public Equity Capital Markets across Europe in equity execution, advisory and origination at bulge bracket investment banks, most recently as Managing Director in ECM at Barclays where he was responsible for $23BN of deal volume and over 40 transactions in 2014-2015. He set up The ECM Team in 2016 to provide in house “deal captain” services for equity issuers, supporting management on the transaction requirements, as well as the transition to a listed company and the subsequent engagement with the market. He is a member of the Advisory Board in a personal capacity.

Charles Weatherstone


Charles Weatherstone is CEO of GSB Laboratories and a specialist in skin care and medical device marketing, having been responsible for the development, launch and management of a number of market leading brands including JUVEDERM® ULTRA, BOTOX®, PDS® PLATES and RESTYLANE®.

Sarah Woodman


Chartered marketer, bringing the iConsult and Cosmecoin corporate brands to life by maximising our global footprint across all channels, to enhance our reputation, support sales processes and drive our business growth objectives.


To reach IConsult Cosmecoin

visit the website IConsult

Follow IConsult Cosmecoin on Twitter:@iConsult, Facebook:
Or via email: admin@IConsult

Neither this document nor anything contained herein shall form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any offer or commitment whatsoever in any jurisdiction. Any offer to acquire tokens pursuant to the proposed ICO will be made, and any investor should make his investment decision solely on the basis of the information that is contained in the information memorandum to be published by [iConsult Software Ltd] in due course in connection with the ICO. Copies of the information memorandum will, following publication, be available at .



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12. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Reports


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Definition of U.S. person (k)U.S. person.

(1) “U.S. person” means:

(i) Any natural person resident in the United States;

(ii) Any partnership or corporation organized or incorporated under the laws of the United States;

(iii) Any estate of which any executor or administrator is a U.S. person;

(iv) Any trust of which any trustee is a U.S. person;

(v) Any agency or branch of a foreign entity located in the United States;

(vi) Any non-discretionary account or similar account (other than an estate or trust) held by a dealer or other fiduciary for the benefit or account of a U.S. person;

(vii) Any discretionary account or similar account (other than an estate or trust) held by a dealer or other fiduciary organized, incorporated, or (if an individual) resident in the United States; and

(viii) Any partnership or corporation if:

(A) Organized or incorporated under the laws of any foreign jurisdiction; and

(B) Formed by a U.S. person principally for the purpose of investing in securities not registered under the Act, unless it is organized or incorporated, and owned, by accredited investors (as defined in § 230.501(a)) who are not natural persons, estates or trusts.

(2) The following are not “U.S. persons”:

(i) Any discretionary account or similar account (other than an estate or trust) held for the benefit or account of a non-U.S. person by a dealer or other professional fiduciary organized, incorporated, or (if an individual) resident in the United States;

(ii) Any estate of which any professional fiduciary acting as executor or administrator is a U.S. person if:

(A) An executor or administrator of the estate who is not a U.S. person has sole or shared investment discretion with respect to the assets of the estate; and

(B) The estate is governed by foreign law;

(iii) Any trust of which any professional fiduciary acting as trustee is a U.S. person, if a trustee who is not a

U.S. person has sole or shared investment discretion with respect to the trust assets, and no beneficiary of the trust (and no settlor if the trust is revocable) is a U.S. person;

(iv) An employee benefit plan established and administered in accordance with the law of a country other than the United States and customary practices and documentation of such country;

(v) Any agency or branch of a U.S. person located outside the United States if:

(A) The agency or branch operates for valid business reasons; and

(B) The agency or branch is engaged in the business of insurance or banking and is subject to substantive insurance or banking regulation, respectively, in the jurisdiction where located; and

(vi) The International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank, the United Nations, and their agencies, affiliates and pension plans, and any other similar international organizations, their agencies, affiliates and pension plans.

Definition of New York Resident

New York Resident means any Person that resides, is located, has a place of business, or is conducting business in New York.